School Events

With the diversity of today’s student body, it is important that you choose a DJ service whose DJs have a well rounded knowledge of music. Our DJs can handle your requests and make sure that the mix of music pleases everyone. Whether it is a small dance after the game or the Senior Prom, our staff has the experience you need.

If you are looking to take your event to the next level, contact Sullivan Productions to provide quality entertainment for your next event. Ask about our lighting/visual effects. We can bring a large video screen to project your event or project your photo montage during your event. Our lighting and special effects add a dazzling show to any dance floor. From fog machines to strobe lights and black lights, we can come up with a special effects scheme to please any crowd or mood!

And remember… our professional DJs will only play clean versions of all music for your school dance. No need to worry about lyrics. As professionals we will make sure that all music is “radio edited”.

Please read our offensive lyrics policy here.

Sound System
We try to stay up to date with all the current music preferences of teens. However, we always respect and comply with the school administrations guidelines. Most disc-jockeys utilize a sound system designed to be used at small to medium sized events. These sound systems usually include two medium sized speakers and a small amplifier.  While this type of sound system is suitable for weddings and other private parties, they are not suitable when used in gymnasiums or other large rooms with 200 – 600 students.

There are several factors that make a larger sound system necessary at most school dances:
The size of a room used for a school dance is three or four times larger than the average banquet/conference area. In addition, the height of the ceiling absorbs sound quickly.  The average number of students attending a school dance is 250 people. The quantity of people absorb sound. This is the most important factor!!

Gym or Cafeteria ?
When an average DJ sound system is used at a school dance inside a gymnasium or other large room, the disc-jockey should realize that he or she cannot get enough sound out of the system to fill the room. This usually results in the DJ pushing the small sound system to its maximum limits. When this happens, you usually get an “ear-piercing” amount of treble coming out of the speakers in an effort to play “louder”.  This in turn gives our a horrible sound.

” The Big Sound System”
When a large concert series sound
 system is used for a school dance, you get a totally different sound.  Instead of an ear-piercing loud noise, you get a deep, rich, clear sound.  It is hard to believe but we actually get fewer loud volume complaints with our large sound system than the smaller one.  The reason is because we let the bass fill the gym, not the highs.  In contrast to an average DJ sound system, our large concert series sound system utilizes concert type speakers, and amplifiers that are four times the power of our smaller systems.  The end result  between our regular sound system and our large concert series sound system is comparable to a boom box and a full sized stereo system. The choice is yours. Choose the sound system and service that you feel will best serve your needs. Please call us if you have any questions.

Schools on our preferred client list include:

  • Guntersville High School, Guntersville, AL
  • Hartselle High School, Hartselle, AL
  • Buckhorn High School, New Market, AL
  • DAR Middle School, Grant, AL
  • Carslile Park Middle School, Guntersville, AL
  • Arab High School, Arab, AL
  • Arab Jr. High School, Arab, AL
  • Falkville Schools, Falkville, AL
  • J.B. Pennington High School, Blountsville, AL
  • Decatur High School, Decatur, AL
  • Priceville High School, Priceville, AL
  • Brindlee Mountain High School, Guntersville, AL
  • Cullman High School, Cullman, AL
  • West Point High School, West Point, AL
  • Brewer High School, Florette, AL
  • Challenger Middle School, Huntsville, AL
  • Madison County High School, Gurley, AL
  • West End High School, Walnut Grove, AL

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