Choosing a band or a DJ?

When choosing entertainment for your wedding reception, there is always the age-old question, “Band or DJ?” Here are some interesting things to know about hiring a band for your event that you may not have considered:

  • Bands cost $2500 and up.

  • The band becomes the star of the event and the bride and groom share less of the spotlight.

  • Bands take breaks all night long. What will you do for dinner, cocktail music? Your crowd will probably disperse during one of their breaks and may not stay as long as you expected.

  • Bands usually know 30 songs. They probably will only learn one new song (for your first dance) if at all. Make sure you like all the songs on their playlist.

  • Bands do not normally provide processional music for your ceremony.

  • Will the band emcee your event? Who will announce the cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, toasts etc? What if they are on break when it is time to emcee something?

  • With a DJ, you have better volume control. A band can only make the drums and instruments louder.

  • Bands take up more space and consume more food than a single DJ.

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